Project Description

Laser Marking & Engraving 

Whether for medical, electronic, aerospace or any other application, laser marking and engraving provides a cost effective and durable marking method. Common applications include part identification, serialization, scales and logos. By taking advantage of this service in conjunction with your finishing operation your company will save valuable lead time and additional shipping costs.

Equipped with the latest in laser marking and engraving technology, our skilled laser marking and engraving professionals are ready to help you take your project to the next level.

Our Laser Marking and Engraving Services Will Help Save Your Business Time and Money

When your project demands the best in laser marking and engraving, turn to the company trusted throughout Massachusetts and across the United States. Discover how our laser marking and engraving team can save your company time and money while producing results that set the standards for others in our industry. Call us today at 781.893.2368 or email to explore your options with our friendly staff today.

Laser markings can be placed into two categories: laser etching and laser engraving. This designation is determined by the depth in which the laser penetrates your material. Laser etches are less than .002 inches deep while laser engravings over .002 deep. Laser etching is best suited for internal and sensitive electronic components while engraving is commonly used for exterior aesthetic. At Plating for Electronics, our advanced equipment allows us to make laser etches as shallow as .0001 inches and engravings as deep as .04 inches. Even the most intricate serial numbers, part numbers, logos and more translate flawlessly to your components through our dedicated team’s precision craftsmanship and mastery over technology.